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Where Read, Where Published, Where Heard.

Perhaps the most essential function a public relations professional performs is either to secure publication for his client’s writings or, through his own writings, secure exposure for his client’s products, services, or issues.

I have been published as much for my own views as a business, science, and public affairs writer. I have also ghostwritten commentaries for nationally known personalities represented by PR and public affairs agencies.

It is useful, therefore, to see where I have been published in the past and, of course, where my independent weekly column of commentary, "Warning Signs", currently appears when it is excerpted and posted on Internet websites and, from there, on many blogs. A Google and blog search reveals the extent of the coverage given my writings.

Here is a partial list of Internet sites where my work is routinely posted. (daily columnist)
Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media
Renew America

The Moral Liberal
Thought You Should
PA Pundits

The Tunnel Wall

Tea Party News Network

Black Quill & Ink
Climate Change Dispatch
Climate Depot

Capital Hill Outsider
Theo Spark (blog)
The Absurd Report (blog)
Dr. Rich Swier (blog)

Ice Age
PA Pundits
US Action News
Climate Realists

Freedom Action Network
Freedom Pub

Real Clear Liberty Network
Global Free Press
Gold Coast Chronicle
News Nation Brewing
Paradigms and Demographics
News Nation Brewing
Sonaran News
Highlands Tea Party
Gold Coast Chronicle
Political Truth Serum

My writings are reprinted as opinion editorials and, in recent years, been published in The Washington Times, the Philadelphia Enquirer, Providence Journal, Pottstown Mercury, and elsewhere.

As a journalist, I have been a contributor to The New York Times and worked fulltime as a reporter and columnist for The Morris County (NJ) Record.

My work has appeared in consumer magazines such as Travel-Holiday and in public policy magazines such as The World & I, The Freeman, and The American Legion Magazine.

Public relations, media & business:
Public Relations Journal
Advertising Age

Editor & Publishers
Communications World
Folio: Magazine Publishing
Publishers Weekly
Sales & Marketing Management
Journal of Commerce
International Distributor
Jersey Business

Trade Magazines
Over the years, on behalf of clients my work has appeared in many trade journals serving a wide range of industries and businesses. Here’s a partial list:

Chief Executive
Restaurant Hospitality
Lodging Hospitality
Resort Management
The Kansas Restaurant
The Florida Restaurateur
Cleaning Management
Food Executive
Beverage Industry
Progressive Grocer
Executive Housekeeping Today
American School & University
School Food Service Journal
School Bus Journal
Successful Meetings
Meeting Place
Hotel & Motel Management
Club Management
The Journal of Housing
The Homeowner
Airline Executive
Airport Services Management
Travel Agent
Contemporary Administrator
Nursing Homes
Southern Hospitals
Medical Marketing & Media
Biomedical Communications
Lab World
Modern Office Technology
Airport Services Management
Satellite Dish
Pest Control
Pest Control Technology
Pest Management
Lawn Care Industry
Occupational Hazards
National Safety News
The Coal Journal
Pit & Quarry

Agriculture & related industries:
Progressive FarmerWashington Wheat FarmerMichigan FarmerOregon Farmer-Stockman
Agribusiness Fieldman
Dairy Record

Asheville (NC) Tribune (active contributor)

Author and contributor to books:

My most recent book is Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy (Merrill Press) published September 2006, a sequel to Warning Signs, published in 2003. Both books are collections of my commentaries as posted on my own and many other news and opinion Internet sites.

Over the years I have contributed to several books. They include Favorite Words of Famous People, The Complete Guide to Non-Fiction Writing, Guerilla PR, Travel Atlas of Scenic America, The Cat Catalog, Managing Service for Success, and Urban Terrorism.

From 1989 to 1997, I edited a media directory, Power Media Selects, published by Broadcast Interview Source of Washington, D.C.

Radio and Television:

As the creator of a media spoof, The Boring Institute™, I was a popular radio guest from 1984 to the present. At the height of the Institute's popularity I averaged one thousand radio shows a year publicizing its various events that spoofed the Oscar Awards, the new television season, and celebrities. In this capacity, I also appeared on television with Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Paula Zahn, and many other TV personalities.

Currently, I continue to do talk radio discussing a wide range of public policy issues on both AM radio and Internet radio shows.

Note: The popularity of my daily blog with commentary concerning a wide range of "hot button" topics has made "must" reading every day for a growing body of visitors from around the nation and the world. By 2013, it has passed 2.5 million individual page views.

In addition, my posts are a daily element of, an influential news and opinion website, as well as numerous other news/opinion aggregators.

Over at, the website for The National Anxiety Center, one can read through archived commentaries as well as a four-part series on the production and consumption of meat in America, published in a newsletter of The Heartland Institute, a non-profit, free market think tank headquartered in Chicago. Another series regarding America's educational system is also posted there.

I am available in a consultant capacity to ghost-write comparable commentaries for individual entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and others seeking a wider audience for their views.


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