Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Can I Be of Help to You?

Little did I know when I began my blog, “Warning Signs” that it would pass four million page views as 2015 began.

My commentaries are posted as well on dozens of news and opinion websites and other blogs. They reach well over a million readers a day and it is testimony to the way good writing, clear thinking, careful research, and straight talk has great appeal.
The same skills that go into the blog are, of course, available to you as well. The range of topics that I cover includes politics, energy, environmental issues, education, national security, health, and whatever interests and concerns, not just Americans, but readers from around the world.

Making the complex comprehensible is a talent, too.
My clients include a full spectrum and many have been with me for years. You’re invited to take advantage of the kind of knowledge and experience that only comes with time.

Affordable, able to respond to tight deadlines, to projects large and small, call me at 973-763-6392 (NJ) to discuss how I can be of service to you.